Patch Notes, October 30th: Halloween


With today's maintenance we are applying the "Halloween" patch.

Halloween Event:

Ghastly greetings to all haunters and haunted alike! Tis a time of ghastly goings on and gut-wrenchingly villainous deeds. A time of horrid monsters and horrible people to revel in the annual dedication to lovely, lovely evil...

In short.. it is Halloween!

Patch Notes, October 21st

With today's maintenance we are applying the "Timed-Event" patch.

The patch contains the following:

Sea Fortress changes

Sea Fortresses will now require a capture and hold mechanic in order to become owned by a clan.

Free Weekend and More!

Free Weekend:

With the introduction of the "Earth School", we are opening the server for all, starting Friday October 3rd until Monday October 6th maintenance time.

Siege Event:

New School: Earth School coming late September

We are currently testing the Earth School and we expect to be ready late September.
Read-on to find out about the skills that make up the Earth School

Chance to win a free D.U.E.L contest

What does D.U.E.L stand for? Go to the Darkfall Unholy Wars Facebook page here:, answer correctly in the comments, and you'll have a chance to win one of several D.U.E.Ls we're giving away on September 1st.